Who we are

The PIO Self-Assessment Model is carried out by the Catalan Observatory for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence (OEIAC in Catalan), whose main objective is to study the ethical, social and legal consequences, as well as the risks and opportunities of the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in daily life in Catalonia, from a fully transversal perspective.

OEIAC, which takes the form of a Chair at the University of Girona, is part of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy promoted by the Government of Catalonia, which, under the name CATALONIA.AI, is implementing a programme of actions to strengthen the Catalan AI ecosystem.

CATALONIA.AI includes an axis on “Ethics and Society”, which is where the OEIAC is located, to promote the development of an ethical AI, which respects current legality and that is compatible with our social and cultural norms and human-centered.

You can find more information about the OEIAC on the website of the University of Girona.