The PIO model is built around simplicity and a key effective question that any public or private organisation developing, managing or leading a project involving data and AI systems can easily understand: Have we done it?

The PIO model is based on the idea that one of the most important evaluations that public or private organisations can make concerns how they use data and AI systems. Whether organisations make decisions that are perceived (internally and externally) as very good or very bad, they increasingly need to ensure that what they decide is consistent with context-based ethical principles, and that this is communicated clearly and implemented as well as possible.

In this sense, starting from an organisational social responsibility perspective, it proposes the use of a model that can be used at any stage of the lifecycle of AI data and systems. This means that it is applicable in design and modelling, including planning, data collection and model building; in development and validation, including model training and testing; and in deployment, monitoring and refinement, including troubleshooting.