PIO Self-Assessment Model

In order to carry out the PIO self-assessment model, a series of Indicators / Observables based on 7 ethical principles considered fundamental by different international organisations have to be answered affirmatively or negatively: (1) transparency and explainability, (2) justice and equity, (3) safety and non-maleficence, (4) responsibility and accountability, (5) privacy, (6) autonomy, and (7) sustainability.

You can choose a quick self-assessment of your position by answering yes or no, or you can do a full self-assessment where you have to include a synthetic justification of your yes and no answers. There is also the possibility that the question is not applicable.

Once you have answered all the questions you will be able to visualise the results obtained for each principle and generate an ethics badge. If you complete the entire self-assessment, together with the results obtained and the ethics badge, you can also receive specific recommendations for improvement.